About Us

Sullivan Dance Centre believes in a holistic, comprehensive approach to the discipline and artistry of dance. As a small family-owned studio, we provide a nurturing family environment, focusing on each student’s individual needs. Our staff encourages a spirit of loving, supportive, and inspirational dance education. Our focus is training young people in dance technique with discipline and experiences they can use in life.

We are serious about dance, but without the extremes you may have heard about or seen on reality TV. We are age and level appropriate while exposing students to training that is in keeping with professional expectations and standards in Classical Ballet, Pointe, Character, Contemporary Concert Jazz, Modern and Tap. The studio upholds a strict commitment to appropriate and conservative music, choreography, and costuming.

Our focus is dance class, not dance routines. Our emphasis is on fostering healthy competition and teamwork.

At Sullivan Dance Centre, we know that some of our students graduate to make dance a career, but many don’t. Some of our students compete and/or perform with our associated pre-professional companies, but many don’t. Whether your dancer wishes to pursue performance, competition, or simply explore the art of dance as an extracurricular activity, we provide an atmosphere where every dancer is treated as an individual and everyone can map a program that meets their specific needs and goals.

We believe that developing dancers includes the development of self confidence, poise, discipline, and character. Through dance, we believe that every child can experience the joy of movement and music in an environment that encourages team work, leadership skills, and responsible commitment to the art of dance.