After 10 years of classes and participation in Youth Ensemble, we still believe attending Sullivan Dance Studio has been one of the best decisions we have made for our children. There is a feeling of security and wholesomeness when you walk through the door.   We know the staff is there to not only provide outstanding and unique dance instruction, but also to promote excellent character in students.

Through parent visitations we have learned about the outstanding comprehensive curriculum. The teachers are patient, yet know when to push and when to allow students freedom to make mistakes.

Lastly, but not least, we are proud our children can share in the unique artistic component that lives in the studio. We very much appreciate the style of dance, the choice of music and choreography that are not tied to popular culture, but rather to a higher level of creativity.

– Carrie Kennedy


As a former dancer and even dance instructor, I was especially careful as my husband and I chose the right dance studio for our daughter. Sullivan Dance Centre has been the perfect fit for our daughter because she is nurtured with the focus on excellent technique in a traditional environment. The studio is line with our families’ values as costuming and music selection are age appropriate and the dance educators push our child to grow and work hard while still recognizing that she is a child. The students are encouraged within Sullivan to support one another rather than compete against one another, which is especially refreshing as a parent to see. All students, regardless of ability, are treated well, and the children do not feel as if higher level students are more important within the studio. Sullivan Dance Centre has been a blessing to our little girl, and we are thankful for the quality of instruction she has received. We appreciate the kindness of the instructors and even of the older students as my daughter is able to dream about being like the big girls one day. Sullivan Dance Centre is a great dance home for our daughter.

– Angie Childers

When I first came to Sullivan’s I was just a ballet dancer. I had never taken a jazz or hip-hop class before and only believed you could pursue one style of dance; I was wrong. Sullivan’s offers such a wide range of different types of dance that before I knew it I was exploring and loving them all. I have enjoyed every class and all their wonderful teachers. My overall exposure to all these types of dance has not only made me a better ballet dancer but an overall better dancer. Sullivan has instilled values in my character that I will carry with me my entire adult life. Not only do they train you in dance, but they also teach you strong work ethics and to just love dance. You know by the time that you leave that you have been exposed to all genres of dance and will be proficient in every style. You will be exposed to competitions, and performing, and whether you want to dance professionally or recreationally, you will have develop all the necessary skills to audition for schools, companies, plays, and more. Dance is important to me because of its ability to satiate my need for challenges and my desire to become better in every aspect of life. If you love to dance and want to grow in this talent, Sullivan’s is the place to be.

-Sarah Quinn

When we were looking for a new dance studio for our daughter, a seasoned dancer, it was important to find a studio that was strong in ballet technique and challenged dancers whether or not they chose to participate in competition or company groups.  At Sullivan Dance Centre, my daughter was placed in classes based on her skill level and was challenged by great technicians as well as choreographers.  It has been such a positive experience to see her grow both as a dancer and performer.  Above all, the amazing teachers and students have embraced her and quickly made her feel like a part of their family.  I am so thankful to the many friends who steered us to SDC.  We look forward to many great years of dance!

-Lynn Cain