Is my placement going to change for fall?

No. As a rule, the placement you receive now will begin with the summer session and carry on into the Fall 2017-2018 dance season.
However, we continue to evaluate students over the summer session and will advise you if changes need to be made for fall.

Does my dancer have to register for all recommended classes?

It depends.

The studio recommends every class for which your dancer is eligible by virtue of their age and level of ability.

If your dancer is not in a dance company, you are not required to take any specific classes unless your dancer is invited for pre-pointe. If that is the case, your dancer must take two weekly ballet technique classes in order to take one *pre-pointe class.

*If your dancer has a pre-pointe placement, details will be forthcoming.*
Members of Charlotte City Ballet, Sullivan Youth Ensemble, and Sullivan Dual Membership Program, please consult your required classes in your curriculum information packages for these programs. That information will help you to determine which classes are required summer/fall.

Some of my dancer’s regular classes are not on the summer schedule.

Summer always has a reduced class schedule.

Classes such as Lyrical, Character, Tap will be back for the Fall 2017-2018 schedule. Modern is included in the Jazz Workshop.


Lyrical will definitely be back next season and is open to all Level III and Level IV students. Students must be a straight Level III (no split levels) for Lyrical class. 

Even when the fall schedule is published, you will not receive a Lyrical placement because there is only one class offered in this subject. If your dancer is a Level III or IV Ballet and/or Jazz student, they are eligible for this class.

What are “split levels?”

Split levels are offered to those students that are beginning to need more challenges, but continue to require the lower level for building additional strength as well as necessitating slower pace to focus on technique. Their higher level class will offer them a challenge and advance them appropriately. The balance between the two makes for extremely strong dancers. 

Is my dancer required to do split levels if recommended for them?

No. However, your dancer is required to take the lower level class before any higher level classes can be added. 

What does this split look like for summer?

If your dancer is placed III/IV split for Jazz, they will take Jazz workshop in the summer and then in the fall they will need to take their III-A jazz in order to take their Level IV Jazz.

If your dancer is placed III/IV split for Ballet, this summer they will take one III Ballet and Pointe and one IV Ballet and Pointe.

In the fall, they are required to take two of the lower level to take any one Level IV but when the two lower level requirement is met, they can take unlimited Level IV’s.

If your dancer is placed I/II for Ballet, they must take the Level I Ballet to take the Level II.

If your dancer is placed II/III for Ballet, they must take the Level II Ballet to take the Level III.