IMG_9079Tap dance evolved out of many traditions beginning with early American cultures. Irish stepdance and English clogg dance also had a strong influence on the development of tap dance. The Hollywood movie musicals with the innovations of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, The Nicholas Brothers, Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson and Gene Kelly, defined tap dance for generations of dancers. Contemporary tap dancers such as Savion Glover have continued to revolutionize tap and it is an ever evolving art form.
Fundamentally, tap dance is about rhythm. It is about creating music with your feet. Students focus on the sound that each step makes and, once those sounds are perfected, they can build the individual steps into complex rhythms that create intricate sound and movement patterns.
Sullivan Dance Centre incorporates all styles of tap dance into our curriculum. By the time students reach Level III they have been exposed to rhythm tap, Broadway styles, classic and traditional syllabi, as well as improvisational techniques.

Tap Classes