jazz-mainJazz is a form of dance indigenous to America that grew from the various cultures, time periods & music that have inspired the masters in the genre. Today, jazz is many things and an amalgamation of many forms & styles of dance that are falling under the umbrella of “jazz dance.”

At Sullivan Dance Centre jazz is taught from the classical codified jazz techniques that focus on artistry in motion, isolative progressions, strength, power and flexibility. Music and movement are age appropriate and our program steers clear of provocative or suggestive movement.

The Sullivan Jazz program exposes students to many of the diverse styles of jazz dance including, but not limited to:

  • Percussive
  • Contemporary
  • Musical Theatre
  • Concert Jazz
  • Latin Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Modern Jazz

The Jazz curriculum at SDC is designed to build upon itself. After observing a week of classes, parents often comment that they can clearly see the obvious progression and connection from Level I thru Level IV.

Jazz Classes