1X7A6009The Sullivan Youth Ensemble, (est. 1984) under the Direction of Melanie Sullivan-Coyle, is the studio’s dance company that focuses on competition, performance and pre professional training in jazz, contemporary, modern, musical theatre and tap.

Our mission is to provide our company dancers with healthy competitive exposure and experience that does not require excessive rehearsals or disproportionate costume costs. In most cases, students can participate in the Youth Ensemble without having to give up other important activities or having to sacrifice every weekend to competitive preparations or events.

We believe in a healthy balance that allows for a quality dance experience while still allowing for focus on family, academics, school activities, church life, and the development of a well rounded individual that is prepared for life after dance.

1X7A6235We expose our competitive dancers to exceptional training, conventions, master classes and the opportunity to work with guest choreographers. Each season a diverse repertoire of original choreography is crafted specifically for the Youth Ensemble by our talented Directors that challenges the dancer’s abilities and prepares them for dance in college, professional careers in theatre dance or with contemporary dance companies.

Members learn to meet professional expectations and standards of character, leadership, team work, time management and accountability while mastering the technique, artistry and work ethic necessary to uphold the professional standards of a dance company.

Students are exposed to concert styles of choreography and are expected to pick up material quickly, delivering style and presentation while mastering diverse styles of dance. Students find this very challenging but all feel that they are prepared
when they step into an audition or new dance experience.

Our company dancers are taught to approach competition from a positive and educational point of view where sportsmanship and team work are at the forefront.

Our dancers and their families are expected to uphold a standard of respect for the studio, the Director’s and all instructors, each other and each other’s families. This ethical and humble standard is at the core of everything that we do and permeates throughout every day at our school, every class, rehearsal and event. Every company member and every company members family is of equal importance.

1X7A4972We respect and appreciate the work of our fellow competitors, learn from our experiences and value the art of dance in all forms and in all creative endeavors.

Members of The Sullivan Youth Ensemble have gone on to win regional and National dance titles, receive scholarships for both summer and college study, perform on Broadway and teach and choreograph as a profession.

The cornerstones of our program are:

  • Professional work ethic
  • Character building
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Team work