IMG_0475Classical Ballet began in the French royal courts where the first codified language and movement of Ballet originated. In the early 1800’s, pointe work emerged and became an integral part of ballet performance.
Ballet has evolved from the soft and simple movement of the Romantic Period to the exciting and difficult movement of today’s choreography that continues to increase in difficulty as the dancers abilities continue to advance.

Classical Ballet uses consistent practice and repetition to build strength. Ballet class always begins at the barre where students learn exercises that teach them basic weight placement, alignment, control and coordination. These exercises prepare the body for work in the center of the room.
Center work takes the strength developed at the barre and builds upon that allowing the dancer to master the control of adagio, the brilliance and intricacy of allegro and the virtuosity of Grande allegro.
There are many different styles and techniques of classical ballet.

Sullivan Dance Centre’s ballet program uses several of the most known and respected techniques to produce a strong and technically proficient dancer.

Classical ballet is an important foundation to all dance. The development of a strong body and a solild understanding of technique is of paramount importance for jazz, modern, lyrical and contemporary work.

Ballet Classes