Level III Pointe

***Pointe work: Students must be a solid Level III in order to be considered for Pointe.  The ability to begin pointe work is assessed on a student by student basis. Between the ages of 10 and 13 students are assessed as a part of regular daily technique class to determine readiness. There is not a specific age where students begin pointe and some students are never ready for pointe due to the construction of their feet and ankles or other physical weaknesses. When a student reaches Level III (and their technique is above average) their instructors will determine if their feet, knees, spine and overall body control are physically ready for the demands of pointe work. At that time, the student will receive an invitation to begin their pointe work and the studio highly recommends that you visit your pediatrician or pediatric orthopedist to determine medical readiness for pointe work. Following the invitation, the ultimate decision to begin pointe work lies with the parent. The parent should gather all the information that they can to make an informed decision regarding their dancers ability to begin pointe. Instructors make our recommendations from a dance perspective only. Pointe students are required to take a minimum of two ballet technique classes a week.