Level III-B Jazz

level-IIIb-jazzIntermediate/Low Advanced jazz for ages 11-14. If the class schedule indicates different levels of III (A-B-C) these sub-levels are indicative of different age groups that share a similar curriculum. ā€œCā€ being the least advanced of these sub-levels and ā€œAā€ being the most advanced. Level III is the bridge to our pre-professional classes therefore students begin to experience a more serious structure to their jazz classes and a more strenuous and advanced curriculum including in depth stretch combinations, center barre, floor barre, intricate kick and pirouette studies that challenge the students ability to change directions and weight while internalizing style and pattern, vocabulary of movement increases to include more advanced jumps, leaps & turns, across the floor combinations are now 16-32 counts and incorporate intricate step combinations in all styles of jazz dance. Level changes become more complex including air to floor.