Sullivan Dance Centre is a private dance academy. In order to maintain acceptable and professional teacher/student ratio and preserve the studio’s comprehensive curriculum, we do not offer open classes or classes to students that study at other schools. It is important to us that we maintain an appropriate artistic aesthetic within a set curriculum.

Parents and students must have the desire to study exclusively with the Sullivan Dance Centre to be considered for admission to the program. Students may study whatever classes they like, however, they must be studying at the Sullivan Dance Centre exclusively.

Admission To Sullivan Dance Centre

Ages 6-7: A placement Class is not required for this age group. Students are placed according to age and years of experience.

Ages 8 & up: A placement class will be required to determine the appropriate class level. Placement classes are required for ballet, pointe, jazz, and modern.

Placement classes are free of charge and do not obligate you to registration.

To schedule a placement class or a visit to the school, please call the office at 704-708-4474 or email

Placement classes operate as a normal class, this is not an audition. In order for a child to have the best training possible, appropriate placement is key. Class placement may not be equal to placement attained in another program however, all parents can be assured that placement is in the best interest of your child’s future growth and development as a dancer.

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